FAQ – Interesting facts about domain purchase, sale and evaluation

Who is DomainProfi

The DomainProfi GmbH has specialized in the trade of domain names. We buy domains in large packages and sell them to consumers. We focused on so-called generic, ie descriptive german-speaking domains. These are general terms that you would as well find in a dictionary. We are one of the largest company of its kind and the largest owner of generic domains in Germany. We currently have 212708 domains of 279 with the domain suffix com. The city of Osnabrück has been detected in a study of the DENIC domain as capital, as prevails in Osnabruck, with approximately 160,000 inhabitants, the highest statistically domain density per inhabitant in Germany. Well, we certainly have helped Osnabrück getting this title with our 212708 domains. We have many very valuable domains in our portfolio, which is evident from the five-digit sales prices for these top domains (category A).

Why should I buy a domain at all?

Often we are asked why you should buy a domain from us, when there are domains that are still free. We always give the advice to not save at the wrong end. When you start a new project, choosing the right domain name is critical. Of course there are still free domains, despite the hundreds of millions worldwide existing domains. But the Internet and domains have been around for about 20 years. Ask yourself if the domain that is still free until today is such a good domain name, if nobody ever before registrated it for such a long time. Many startups failed because they decided to take a fancy name that no one could remember. Imaginative concepts need high six-or seven-figure marketing budgets, so that the masses can remember them. And that still does not solve the problem that nobody knows what to expect when he sees such a fancy domain name. Unlike in the descriptive domains that we offer. These have (because the search engines understand the concept of domain name and corresponding rate) excellent properties in search engines, and also describe your products or activities. Invest in a good domain name because this creates customer confidence! A study of EURid on this topic shows the importance of the domain extension for business success. Think about what costs you have with an ad in a newspaper or television. A domain is usually even very cheap in comparison and a lasting investment. A newspaper ad already is worth nothing the next day, a domain provides you with durable new customers year after year..

Is buying a domain a good investment?

Yes, a domain purchase is a good investment if you buy the right domain and do the right thing with it. Buy a domain name in an area that suits your business, because you are experienced in it and know what issues are also relevant in the future. Afterwards build up your website and use it. By publishing your own content under the domain you will be found in search engines and the users that type in the domain name are seeing a perfectly appropriate content. If you have chosen a concise general domain name, as we offer this, you now have a value that yields for you during active use earnings (eg through good search characteristics of the domain (SEO) or the new customers that the domain name by itself have entered into their browser to get the best provider for their wished products). Even if you reorientate your business a generic and descriptive domain is still of great value because you can sell them (perhaps even with a profit). In recent years, prices of good domains have risen steadily. Premium domains are now being traded for millions. Many companies have even specialized to buy domains from us, start developing an appropriate project and afterwards sell the package further with high profit..

Is domain trading even allowed?

Fortunately, the Supreme Court has clearly stated this many years ago, that there is absolutely nothing wrong if someone owns many domains and trades with them. Compare us to the real estate industry: even here there are large housing companies that have a high 5 - or 6-digit number of rental housings. And a domain is similar to a property a good investment. It is important also to mention that we focus on general descriptive terms as domain names. I.e. already in the purchase or registrating, we make sure that we do not acquire name, violate the rights of third parties. Than we are a reputable company based in the beautiful city osnabrück, which is the domain capital of Germany and not like other so-called domainers which have their headquarters outside of europe. You can call us on business days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by phone. All information about our company you can find in the imprint.

Do you provide statistics on a domain?

No, we don't provide in-house statistics on views and clicks of a domain. This has two reasons: At first you don't need stats to find a decision whether you want to buy the domain or not. Choose a good domain name with which you can implement your project perfectly. It's not important whether this domain name had 1, 10, 100 or 1000 hits the past month. It should fit to your company and your business idea. It should describe your product and services, that's what makes a domain name valuable. The second reason why we don't provide statistics is the fact that the results can vary greatly. For example christmas domains have less views in the summer but also press reports on a subject can effect the views of a domain name rapidly for a short amount of time. However, we do not sell guaranteed visitor numbers by the domain, but a suitable domain name for your purpose..

How do I buy a domain from you?

At first tell us what domain you are interested. You can call us or use our contact form. Then we will research a currently fair price for both parties. We focus on comparing prices and evaluations (more information on our topic evalution). We share this price with you immediately, for which you can purchase it. If our price might be higher then you expected we are also open to your arguments or a counter offer. After agreeing on a price, you will receive the appropriate invoice from us. After receipt of payment we will provide you the authcode with which you can transfer the domain to a provider of your choice. The TLDs that we offer can be managed virtually by any provider.

What factors determine the value of a domain name?

Some relatively objective factors will help you to assess the true value of a domain::

  • Potential for self-explanation: Is the domain self-explanatory? Can you imagine what kind of content will be on the website if you read the domain name?
  • Memorability: The memorability can be tested by yourself. Tell somebody at home or company the domain name and check whether he can remember it well and can type it in the browser..
  • Customariness: Whether a domain name is common or not you can find out with google or ebay. Type in the keyword and compare the number of hits.
  • Type-ins: What is the probability that someone enters the domain name "on spec" into his browser, because he is interested in the content of the expected site??
  • Lexicon entries: Also entries in dictionaries or encyclopedias increase the attractiveness of a keyword and the generated domain name from him.
  • Commercial usability: The commercial potential of a domain is a decisive factor for its price.
  • Domain Length: Generally shorter domains are better than longer ones. It should be good to remember. Too short names, however, may pose the risk of an inaccurate term designation..
  • Search Engine Optimization: In relevant SEO forums you can find more detailed information about the importance of generic domains for the search engine optimization.